Age UK

Age UK

Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. At Age UK they provide services and support at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people. They stand up and speak for all those who have reached later life, and also protect the long-term interests of future generations. The Age UK network comprises around 155 local Age UKs reaching most of England.

The representative for Age UK on the project Partnership Board was the CEO of Age UK Medway and the Chair of the National Chief Officers Network. Age UK Medway has many years of experience in dealing with the support of older people, including those with dementia and memory conditions. In recent years, their expertise in the area of dementia has increased and has allowed them to develop specialist day services for those with dementia and other memory conditions, which have been hugely successful in their outcomes and demand. This year they have enlarged their dementia specialism through the opening of a second day service. Age UK Medway now caters for 45 people per day in dementia day care settings. In addition they offer a flexible dementia outreach services, and COGS groups, for early stage dementia and support to carers.


Age UK Medway shared their knowledge and experience to the Living through Landscapes Project Board.



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