Living through Landscapes was a pioneering project to support people with dementia by transforming outdoor spaces at 30 care settings across the UK.

Please enjoy this short promotional video, made with the help of Thrive’s Damien Newman & Dr Sean Morrissey, YPWD Berkshire, Keith and Rosemary Oliver, DEEP and Hallmark Care Homes

Living through Landscapes was a partnership between Learning through Landscapes, the Society for Horticultural Therapy known as Thrive, Groundwork, Age UK and the University of Kent. It was made possible thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

One purpose of this website was to support the delivery of the project.  The site will also assist with the dissemination of the project’s findings and serve as a legacy resource bank, hosting the designs and many of the other project resources, long after the project has ended.

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Below are a selection of statements about the Living through Landscapes project:

“Access to nature has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve concentration and improve physical mobility. Evidence also suggests that outdoor activities can re-ignite latent skills and memories”

Juno Hollyhock – Executive Director, Learning through Landscapes


“By bringing together current thinking, best practice and a robust evaluation process, the Living through Landscapes project promises to deliver excellent outcomes and generate knowledge that people supporting dementia care will benefit from for years to come”

Kathryn Rossiter – Chief Executive Officer, Thrive


“We can see for ourselves how being outdoors and in the natural environment helps the health and well-being of our service users by improving mobility, increasing relaxation and reducing anxiety”

Sue Cliffe – Chief Officer, Age UK Herne Bay